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Calculates Peak Heating & Cooling Loads
Computes CFM Air Quantities With Psychrometrics
Calculates from Manually Entered Data or Directly from Floor Plans Created with Drawing Board
Allows 12 Walls, 12 Windows, and 5 Roofs per Zone
Automates Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62
CHVAC Calculates in both Metric and English Units
Allows Simultaneous Infiltration and Ventilation
Calculates Runout and Main Trunk Duct Sizes
Selects Equipment from AR/GAMA Databases
CHVAC Allows Unlimited No. of Zones per Project
Zones May be Optionally Grouped Under VAV Boxes
Prints Numerous Color Pie Charts and Bar Graphs
Spreadsheet Output File Compatibility
Links with both AUDIT and EZDOE Energy Programs
          The Elite Software CHVAC program quickly and accurately calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings. CHVAC allows an unlimited number of zones which can be grouped into as many as 100 air handling systems. CHVAC automatically looks up all cooling load and correction factors necessary for computing loads. In addition, the programs can look up outdoor design weather data for over 1500 cities located around the world. There is also provision for editing the weather data as well as adding data for other cities. Comprehensive reports list the general project data, detailed zone loads, air handler summary loads, outside air loads, total building loads, building envelope analysis, tonnage requirements, CFM air quantities, chilled water flow rates (if applicable), and complete psychrometric data with entering and leaving coil conditions. Other outstanding features include ASHRAE Standard 62 analysis, automatic building rotation, 360 degree wall orientations, tilted glass, exterior shading, internal operating load profiles, variable indoor design temperatures, people diversity, pretreated outside air, seasonal infiltration and ventilation rates, reheat loads, duct gains and losses, and return air plenums. CHVAC project data files can also be used by Florida's EnergyGuage FlaCom 2001 and Elite Software's EZDOE energy analysis program. 



          There are five versions of the CHVAC program; 2 zone capacity ($295), 10 zone capacity ($395), 50 zone capacity ($595), 100 zone capacity ($995), and unlimited capacity ($1495). Keep in mind that a zone is a single space or room, and that zones can be grouped into air handling systems which in turn make up the building. Zones can optionally be grouped under vav boxes as well. This allows CHVAC to compute diversified peak loads at four levels in one run of the program: zone, vav box, air system, and total building. The maximum number of air handling systems allowed for any version is the number of zones allowed or 100, whichever is the lesser. Each CHVAC version is exactly the same with the exception of the zone capacity and price. However, there is a generous upgrade policy. If at any time you decide to obtain a version of CHVAC with greater capacity than the original one you obtained, all that is required is to pay the difference in price between the two versions.
CHVAC contains many, many advanced features. Listed below are just some of the capabilities of CHVAC.


  • Calculates Peak Heating and Cooling Loads
  • Calculates Both Heating & Cooling Cfm Requirements
  • Calculates Runout and Main Trunk Duct Sizes
  • Automates Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62
  • Provides Overall Building Envelope Report
  • Spreadsheet File Compatibility
  • Performs Complete Psychrometric Analysis
  • Prints Bar Graphs and Exploded Pie Charts
  • Exterior Shading Handles Overhangs, Fins, & Glass Tilt
  • Uses Exact ASHRAE CLTD Procedures
  • Built-in Design Weather Data for Hundreds of Cities
  • Analyzes Up to 12 Months Per Calculation
  • Calculates 24 Hours per Design Day
  • Allows Unlimited Number of Zones per Project
  • Zones May Be Grouped Under 100 Air Handlers
  • Zones May Be Optionally Grouped Under VAV Boxes
  • Allows 12 Walls, 12 Windows, and 5 Roofs per Zone
  • Allows Simultaneous Infiltration and Ventilation
  • Allows Different Summer and Winter Air Rates
  • Allows Varying Indoor Conditions Within a Project
  • Allows 6 Master Roof Types, 8 Master Wall Types, 8 Master Partition Types, and 20 Master Glass Types
  • Provides a User Defined Master Material LibraryAllows Up to 10 Internal Operating Load Profiles
  • Allows Full 360 Degree Wall and Glass Orientations
  • Allows Glass to be titled from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Allows for Roof and Wall Color Effects
  • Provision for Both VAV and Constant Volume Systems
  • Proper Handling of Return Air Plenum Loads
  • Accounts for People Diversity in Total Building Load
  • Computes Supply Fan Horsepower and Heat Gains
  • Accounts for Both Draw-thru and Blow-thru Fans
  • Calculates Reheat Requirements if Necessary
  • Computes Supply and Return Duct Gains and Losses
  • Allows Direct Specification of Supply CFM Quantiites
  • Allows Specification of Minimum Supply Air Quantities
  • Allows Heating Only, Cooling Only, or Both
  • Excess Supply Air Can be Handled as Reheat, Reserve Capacity, or by Adjusting the Leaving Coil Conditions
  • Leaving Coil Conditions Can be Specified with a Desired Dry Bulb Temperature or a Relative Humidity
  • Calculates Chilled and Hot Water Coil Flow Rates
  • Allows for Pretreated Outside Air
  • Allows Heating and Cooling Safety Factors
  • Lighting & Equipment Watts along with No. of People can be Entered Directly or on a Per Square Foot Basis
  • Selects Equipment from the ARI/GAMA Databases
  • Creates Custom Sales Proposals