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Quickly Calculates Peak Heating and Cooling Loads

Determines Building Tonnage and Room CFM Requirements, and Runout Duct Sizes

Computes Room by Room, Zone, System & Building

Calculates from manually entered data or directly from floor plans created with Drawing Board (sold separately).

Follows ACCA Manual J 8th Edition and is approved by ACCA

Rooms and Zones Can Be Assigned to 15 Systems

Allows 1000 Rooms Grouped into 10 Zones per System Using Drag and Drop Zoning Techniques

Allows 20 Walls, 20 Windows, and 8 Roofs, 6 floors, and 6 doors per Room

Allows Custom Construction Material Descriptions

Looks up HTM & U-Values or Lets You Specify Them

Equipment Selection From ARI and GAMA Databases

Prints Exploded Color Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, and Custom Sales Proposals

Allows Decimal Feet, Feet-Inches or Metric Length and Width Dimensions

Allows Exterior Shading (Overhangs and Offsets)

Provides Inputs for Summer & Winter Partition Temperature Differences 

Links to Florida's Engauge Compliance Program

Links to DUCTSIZE, AUDIT, and Quick Quote

     The Elite Software RHVAC program quickly and accurately calculates peak heating and cooling loads for residential and small commercial buildings in accordance with the eighth edition of the ACCA Manual J. The Heat Transfer Multipliers (HTM values) for all the walls, windows, doors, and roofs listed in Manual J are stored and automatically looked up by the program as needed. Although HTM values are taken from Manual J directly, the user does have the option of entering his own U-Value for each wall, roof, or glass section so that a modified HTM value is used. Design weather data for over 1500 cities is built-in to the program. In addition, the user can revise the existing weather data and add additional weather data as desired. Zoning cfm adjustments are automatically handled by the program as needed. Other outstanding features include exterior glass shading, ventilation air, miscellaneous latent loads, default room data, automatic rotation of the entire building, hydronic heat calculations and much more.


     The Rhvac Program follows the exact methodology described in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J, Eighth Edition entitled "Residential Load Calculation". Elite Software is a technical software partner for ACCA; the Rhvac program is approved by ACCA.